Microsoft Is Finally Getting Rid Of Flash Support From Windows 10, But When?

The end of Flash has been rather slow. However, Microsoft has finally confirmed that its July patch will be the last time you’ll ever see Flash support in your Windows 10.

Microsoft Confirms The Termination Date For Flash Support

As spotted on Windows Latest, Microsoft has once announced when the judgment day of Flash will be. The verdict will come down once the KB4577586 hits the live servers.

However, if you’re already done with it (as well), you can try two methods to strip Flash out of your computer even before July arrives.

First of all, you can manually download and install the update by going over here. Just download the patch that matches your operating system.

But do accept that you cannot manually remove the update once installed unless you created a system restore point.

The second one involves downloading the Windows 10 version 21H1, AKA the May 2021 update. Microsoft has just released the update, and it should come around in your system soon.

Flash Support Logo Boxed

That’s why you should be 100% sure that you no longer want Flash on your system. If you take neither of the above actions, Microsoft will still take it out when July’s update arrives.

Nonetheless, the patch will only target the Flash support that’s within your Windows 10 operating system. So, if you manually installed Flash in the past, it will remain untouched. As such, you can still hang onto it a little bit longer before and remove it, once you’re ready.

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Say Your Last Goodbyes For Flash Support In Windows 10

Flash Support's Replacement - HTML5

Gone are the golden days of Flash, but it hasn’t fully removed on Windows 10 as of yet. However, once the July Patch Tuesday arrives, everyone will receive an update that will take it out once and for all.

If you’re wondering the reason behind the termination, it’s because Adobe officially stopped supporting it last year December. Throughout its existence, Flash has become more of a problem due to its critical security vulnerabilities. Its infamous history of misuse by bad guys includes a “knock-off” version found on Google Play. An ESET research also found out that those knock-offs have been used by the Turla APT group to trick users into downloading malware.

As such, Flash has become more of a vulnerability than being useful, and companies are working to end their reliance on it.

Adobe announced the retirement of Flash Player way back in 2017, encouraging the use of HTML5 in place of it. Last January, Mozilla became the last browser to remove support, with Firefox v85.0 the last release to support Flash. Even Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge dropped support once the KB4577586 goes live.


Why Is Adobe Flash Ending And What Will Replace It?

Over the years, Flash has lead the web to greatness with innovations in animation and media, which eventually have been added to the core web platform. Although many would appreciate what it brought to enable the degree of internet experience we have right now, many will also be glad to see its expiration.

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