How to Complete Lost Ark Her Majestys Holiday – 8 Helpful Tips

Lost Ark Her Majestys Holiday is the hottest new game worldwide. Lost Ark is a well-known and loved video game that millions of people around the world play every day.

Millions of gamers have become interested in Lost Ark because of its unique quests.

But this fantastic game offers more than just the unique or the main quest. This game’s hidden stories are mind-blowing and very hard for any player to figure out, and her Majesty’s Holiday is one of these tremendous hidden stories.

Lost Ark Her Majestys Holiday is a hidden story that starts when you go to see the Queen, and she asks you to help some people in her castle.

And it will end when you finish all the tasks in this hidden story and return to the Queen. This is how the Lost Ark – Her Majesty’s Story is finished.

How To Finish The Hidden Story Of The Lost Ark

  • Her Majesty’s Secret is a secret quest to find different landmarks.
  • The quest will move forward when players do things with them, so they don’t have to talk to the NPCs in Lost Ark.
  • Here’s how people can start and finish this hidden story:
  • Go to the western part of North Vern, where Fesnar Highland is.
  • Find and interact with the stone pillar to get the first hidden story note.
  • Now, follow the similar stone pillars that are scattered around the area.
  • You can go west to find a huge sword stuck in the ground.
  • The second hidden story note can be found by interacting with the sword’s base. Be aware that there is a second fake interaction prompt to the side of the sword. If it’s unclear, find both and talk to them until you get the second note.
  • Move to North Vern’s Balankar Mountains.
  • Players will find Veloran’s Hideout, where they can go into the Ancient Elveria dungeon.
  • Go into the dungeon and fight your way to the area in the middle called “Contaminated Ruins.”
  • You can get to an interaction point on the balcony’s edge.
  • Play around with it. The last quest marker will be finished if the right thing is done near the sword.
  • This Lost Ark hidden story quest is pretty straightforward, but there are no hints to help players find it. It’s not easy because there needs to be more information.
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How to Complete Lost Ark Her Majestys Holiday – 8 Helpful Tips

1. Go to the Queen Elizabeth

For Her Majesty’s Holiday Hidden Story to begin, you must first go to the Her Majesty that is being talked about.

In this case, Queen Ealyn can be found at Vern Castle. She is currently at Point 1 on the map above, which is the castle’s throne room. You will be asked to help a number of the people who live in her castle.

2. Assist Avele Of Vern

As your first task, you should help Avele, the Knight Commander of Vern. Point 2 is where she is on the map that was just shown.

You will be asked to report to the Queen, which means you will have to walk back to the Queen to give her the report.

3. Give It Back To The Queen

During your journey, you will come across a cutscene in which the Queen yells at the people who live in the area. Move forward after the cutscene to get closer to the Queen.

4. Spend time with her

Queen Ealyn wants you to stay with her because she wants company. But first, look in the audience room to see if anyone is listening.

You can do this by going to Point 3 on the map and interacting with the marker at the entrance to the audience chamber.

This will let you know who else is around. Also, since you are with the Queen, you should go back to her and tell her the good news.

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5. Have a good time with Queen Elizabeth

At this point, the Queen will expect you to plan a great trip away while also having fun with her. You have to get Knight Berrick’s attention off of the Queen so she can sneak past him and have some fun for a change.

After the Queen leaves, go to Vern Castle and head to the Creation Plaza, where Queen Ealyn is waiting. Point 5 on the map is where you can find her, talk to her and have fun with her.

6. Do Something Else for the Queen

Even though you had fun with her, she is still a queen, so she will send you on a mission to get her some freshly squeezed apple juice. Go to the Drink Merchant at Point 6 on the map to get a drink for Her Majesty.

Once you have the drink that makes you feel better, you should take it back to Ealyn. This time, she is somewhere different. So, you will need to go to Point 7 on the map.

7. Give Queen Ealyn a drink

If you interact with the spot on the ground next to the Queen, she will invite you to share a glass of apple juice with her. Accept the invitation, and you can both have a drink with them. Talk to Ealyn, and she’ll tell you your next mission.

8. Your Next Mission

Your next task is to bring a storybook to a group of kids so they can read the end of the story she was telling them.

The Queen will return to the castle on her own, so it will be up to you to give the book to the children. You can find the kids at Point 8 on the map, which is just a few steps away.

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Conclusion – How to Complete Lost Ark Her Majestys Holiday Mission

After that, all you have to do is get back to the Palace. The Queen has probably returned to the throne room, where you can find her. You will have finished this Lost Ark Hidden Secrets adventure at this point.

At this point, the quest to finish Lost Ark Her Majestys Holiday is a big success, and you can choose to take on another hidden story quest in the game.

The steps for the said hidden secrets quest described in this article, on the other hand, have been used before and work well. Following these steps, you can finish Lost Ark Her Majestys Holiday.