League of Legends: How To Get Radiant Wukong

How to get radiant Wukong? Riot Games have launched their next hero in the League of Legends: Wild Rift. The next champion added to the list is ‘Wukong‘ a fighter from Ionia. With the addition of Wukong to the champions list, there are officially 50 champions that could be played by the players.

Wukong is a vastayan trickster who uses his strength, agility, and intelligence to confuse his opponents and gain the upper hand. After finding a lifelong friend in the warrior known as Master Yi, Wukong became the last student of the ancient martial art known as Wuju. Armed with an enchanted staff, Wukong seeks to prevent Ionia from falling to ruin.

Rаdіаnt Wukоng – Wukong Skins’ Review

Splash Art: It can’t be denied that this is a piece with a particular style. The background is extremely ambiguous and lets out only hints of trees and, perhaps, walls. However, the curls and coils as well as the specific colours define a distinct identity. Unfortunately, those features also make it monotonous and too homogeneous to add up to more than a frame for the Monkey King.

Speaking of whom, Wukong has an evidently dynamic portrayal that sacrifices a full view of his aspect for action. Much can be seen though and the sharp depiction ends up being the sole interesting part of the piece. The lack of variety in the colours make Wukong struggle to differentiate himself from the background and appears struggling to be noticed; which can explain the daring display of power. Such display can be exaggerated due to the particularly pronounced perspective of his staff and right arm. Add to it that there’s little context for his actions and we end up with a desperate attempt at grabbing attention.

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In the end, this is a splash art that doesn’t seem to give its champion enough breathing room to catch the eye. Wukong suffocates in a sea of similar tones with little justification and effectiveness for all his effort. While the idea of having a unique identity for the splash art is welcome the oppressive approach prevents the basic needs of the splash art to be fulfilled satisfactorily.

Being a hero with fighter abilities, Wukong is majorly played in the top lane. Here is the list of abilities of this champion.

  • Nimbus Strike (E) – He dashes to a targeted enemy and sends out images to attack enemies near his target, dealing damage to each enemy struck.
  • Crushing Blow (Q) – Wukong’s next attack gains attack range, deals bonus damage and reduces the target’s armour for a few seconds.
  • Warrior Trickster (W) – Wukong becomes Invisible and dashes in a direction, leaving behind a clone that will attack nearby enemies.
  • Cyclone (R) – Wukong’s extends his staff and spins it around repeatedly, gaining Movement Speed. Enemies struck take damage and are knocked up.
  • Stone Skin (Passive) – He gains stacking armour and max health regeneration while fighting champions and monsters.
How To Get Radiant Wukong
How To Get Radiant Wukong

Wukong Skins’ Review

The unequivocally fantastic aesthetic of Radiant Wukong helps the skin stand out from the, already, multiple interpretations of the Monkey King. The colour palette is certainly quite restricted but the design and decoration is definitely attractive as well and fictionally plausible. The newly animated head appendages, whatever they stand for, help define a distinct identity for Radiant Wukong. In general, it’s a different and appealing appearance that lacks colour variety.

The particles should compensate for the few shortcomings of the model but it’s questionable whether they do. The new cloud particles have a unique aspect that catches the eye initially but that promptly reveal their simplistic nature. Instead of being animated they are static images that appear and disappear one after the other. The rest of the glows and trails merely adapt the classic visuals to the new colour scheme and so the abilities disappoint. Even the new sounds struggle to feel different from the usual assortment. On top of that, the recall seems like a compendium of other classic animations. At least, the high-speed run is a good tribute to the source material.

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Overall, Radiant Wukong is a skin that manages to define a unique and fitting style for the Monkey King. Unfortunately, it ends up being superficial as none of the changes go far beyond a good first impression. In spite of simplicity being preferred to an overloaded skin Radiant Wukong feels simplistic in its colour selection, particles and sounds.

Only the new model with its florid design stands out but it can only do so much to salvage the skin. The result is still different and appealing enough as to be a valid alternative but the price stands in the way. Radiant Wukong has some good ideas in it but neither offers enough features nor are they implemented well enough for the high price it asks for. This makes it a skin to catch on sale though there are better and cheaper alternatives.

How To To Get Radiant Wukong – Unlock Wukong For Free

How to get radiant Wukong? With the launch of the champion, Riot Games have announced Wukong’s Challenge for the players to unlock for free. The players are provided with a list of seven missions to unlock Wukong as a reward. Here is how to get radiant Wukong; Below is the list of mission that you need to complete in a specified time.

  1. Discipline and Patience: Win 3 games OR Play 3 games with at least one Ionian champion on your team – 2 XP Boosts (Reward)
  2. Fight Me: Deal 50,000 damage to enemy champions – 150 Blue Motes (Reward)
  3. Stop and Think: Kill 6 elemental drakes as a team OR Play 2 games as a fighter champion – 150 Blue Motes (Reward)
  4. Seeing Double: Play 5 games OR Win a game with a Vastayan champion(Nami, Ahri, or Wukong) on your team – 150 Blue Motes (Reward)
  5. Master and Student: Play 5 games OR Win a game with Master Yi on your team – 50 Poro Coins (Reward)
  6. Monkey See, Monkey Do: Get 30 takedowns OR Perform 25 knock-ups on enemy champions – 150 Blue Motes (Reward)
  7. A Difficult Lesson: Place or destroy 25 wards – Wukong (Reward)
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Conclusion – How To Get Radiant Wukong

Riot Games have announced Wukong’s Challenge for the players to unlock for free. The players are provided with a list of seven missions to unlock Wukong as a reward. Here in this guide is how to get radiant Wukong; we have listed the list mission that you need to complete in a specified time.