Key Shaped Ward Genshin

Key Shaped Ward Genshin; The Key-Shaped ward is a quest item in Genshin Impact that players need during the Cleansing Defilement quest, part of the Holy Sakura Cleansing Ritual main quest, to perform the Cleansing Ritual on Kamisato in the Inazuma region.

The Cleansing Defilement is one of those missions in Genshin Impact where you get no mission marker and no clear information on how to proceed. You only get the “Complete Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual (0/3)” objective. To complete the objective and the whole quest for the purification of pollution, you will need the Guardian in key form.

In this Key Shaped Ward Genshin guide, we share the exact location and details on how to get the Key Shaped Ward.

Location – Where to find Key Shaped Ward Genshin

To find the Key Shaped Ward location in Genshin Impact, you need to head northeast of Kamisato Estate. If you look at the map you will see a horn on top of one of the stones where you can call your ship. A little to the west is a green, rectangular plateau. That’s the place we need to go.

Once you reach the plateau you will see two Kitsune statues, a smaller one and a larger one. There is a visible empty space between them. So the next step is to remove your Memento Lens device.

Use the device and focus on the smallest kitsune, and that will cause a third kitsune image to appear, even bigger. The location of Key Shaped Ward Genshin has now been revealed to you: it’s at the feet of the third kitsune. While you’re at it, you might as well pick up the Eletroculus floating in mid-air.

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The next step in your journey is to summon the Waverider on the nearby rock and travel to the small island to the west. Find the Kitsune statue and again use the Memento lens to reveal the entrance to a cave and follow the path to the sacred Sakura ritual area. Use the key-shaped ward to start the cleaning process.

Key Shaped Ward Genshin

How do you unlock the quest for Cleansing Defilement?

The Cleansing Defilement is the third quest in Genshin Impact’s Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest. Players can start this series of quests by talking to an NPC named Kazari, located near the town of Konda. To get to the Purification of Contamination section, players must complete two side missions called A Strange Tale in Konda and Sacrificial Offering.

Kamisato Estate Barrier Guide: How To Get There, Puzzle Solutions

In the third and final part of the Cleansing Defilement quest, players must destroy the barrier on Kamisator Estate. This one is actually much faster than the others and less complicated, but it’s certainly not easy.

First, players must get their hands on the Key Shaped Ward to clear the central lantern near the Kamisate Estate barrier.

To get started, players need to head a little to the north of Kamisato Estate. Here, on a rocky outcrop that juts out near the shoreline, you’ll find a Kitsune Earthen Statue that you can scan with the Memento Lens.

After scanning the Earth Kitsune and hitting the larger Kitsune that appears with some electrical abilities, the ward appears in the form of a key. Players can then pick it up and head to the Waverider spawn area on the east map.

After getting on the ship, players will want to go to the Northeast Island. Here, in the middle and between three large Kitsune statues, is another Kitsune from Earth. Scan it again with the Memento Lens and then drop it into the hole that appears in the dirt. Players need to make sure they interact with Sakura Thunder Boughs and get the electrogram buff all the time they are here because the environment will damage them if they don’t.

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Communicate with the central lantern, use Ward to clear it, then it’s time to solve the puzzle. The first lantern needs a mark just like all other puzzles. The lanterns to the left and right of the first must have two marks each and the front and rear lanterns must each have three marks.

Communicate with the main lantern again and two enemies will appear. Yes, this fight is against two of Oschimusha’s enemies. Take them both out to complete this part of the quest.

Key Shaped Ward Genshin – Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with Key-Shaped Ward?

An ancient and mysterious object in the form of an ancient key. Where there is a key there is a lock, but the lock on this key is about to be broken by the pollution absorbed by the roots of the tree. According to Hanachirusato, these wards are necessary to perform the Sacred Sakura Purification Ritual.

How do I get the second ward Genshin?

To get the second key shaped ward Genshin, If players look a little up and to the right, they should see the second dome above them on a protruding rock formation. Use the Electrogranum below to launch yourself into the second dome and slide through the barrier, grabbing the second Ward piece. It looks like a small purple stone on the ground.

How do you solve the Key-Shaped Ward puzzle?

To solve the Tidal Flats puzzle, go to the Kamisato Estate. Use the Memento Lens to observe an Earth Kitsune figurine. A third large fox statue will reveal itself in the center. Hit him with Electro to get Ward in top shape.

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Where is the ward for cleansing Genshin?

Tour chart; Go to the entrance and scan the little fox statues with the Memento Lens. From the Torii, head behind and scan the small fox statue in front of the barrier. Use the Electrogranum that will appear and go through the barrier. Hit the fox statue with an Electro Attack and get the Ward

Where can I buy scroll shaped ward?

Place. It is found in the underground part of Araumi behind a thunder barrier. You have to use Electro on the Kitsune statue to get it.


In this Key Shaped Ward Genshin guide, we share the exact location and details on how to get the Key Shaped Ward. Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game-based RPG currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS.