I Just Can’t Sit On My Hands Lost Ark

I Just Can’t Sit On My Hands Lost Ark: Do you like to play the Lost Ark all the time? It is now a well-known and popular game worldwide, and millions of people play it daily.

Today, we’ll discuss the “I Just Can’t Sit On My Hands Lost Ark” quest. I Can’t Just Sit on My Hands” is the name of an interesting quest in Lost Ark that takes place on the Island of Alakkir. This Island, which is north of North Vern and is called an “adventure island,” has a lot of things to do.

To play and complete I just can’t sit on my hands lost ark quest, you have to learn how to play it, and it’s not always open.

That is, there are times when it is closed and times when it is open. This will give you a task to make sure you add the Island to your alarms and know when it opens so, you can do the I just can’t sit on my hands lost ark.

In this game, you’ll be given fun and challenging quests. When you finish them, you’ll get cool rewards.

I Just Can’t Sit On My Hands Lost Ark Quest Explained

The Island of Alakkir is called an adventure island. And this article will tell you how to play I Can’t Just Sit On My Hands in the game Lost Ark and finish it.

In Lost Ark, you can only sometimes get to the adventure island Alakkir. It opens at certain times and closes at other times.

To be sure, you have to finish a task and add Alakkir island to your alarms, so you’ll know when it’s open. Then, you can go to this Island.

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You have to do it because the quest I just can’t sit on my hands lost ark can only be done on this Island.

You have to wait until Alakkir island is open to finish this quest. After the Island opens, you must go there with a group of people and beat the Alakkir chickens. Then, you all have to finish the task of delivering ten Chicken Breasts. As you can see, this quest is straightforward to complete.

After you’ve killed enough chickens and gathered ten Chicken Breasts, you’ll see a small open window letting you finish the Lost Ark: I Can’t Just Sit on My Hands quest immediately and get your cool rewards.


How do you play the game Lost Ark Pirates?

On the Island of Hypnos’s Eyes, you must finish all the purple tasks. After you’ve done all the goals, you’ll be able to do “playing by the pirate rules” every day as one of Una’s tasks.

How do you get to the Island of Tooki?

When you first get to the Island, you’ll have to work together to kill all 101 Tookis that come out of the Island’s portals to become King Tooki, who can’t be defeated. Soon after this part of the co-op event is over, King Tooki will appear in the Island’s northern part. To finish the Island, you have to kill King Tooki.

Alakkir Island in Lost Ark is where

You can find Alakkir Island to the left of the Arthetine continent at certain times of the day. You have to press “G” to get to the Island.

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You can’t get to the Island any other way than by waiting. Some players guessed when Alakkir Island would show up, but most of the time, it’s just random. So, if you want to get to Alakkir Island, you should always keep an eye on it.

Una’s Task on Alakkir Island

The Una’s task on Alakkir Island is called “I can’t just sit on my hands,” If you finish it, you’ll get ten points. On Alakkir Island, this is one of the most fun things to do. There are three levels of Una’s tasks on the Island, and you must finish all of the quests in each level before moving on to the next.

  • In Tier 1 30/30: Silver 5,000
  • Tier 2 40/40: Silver 6,000
  • Tier 3 80/80: Silver 14,000

How can I get to Lost Ark whenever and wherever I want?

If you talk to a person named Nison on the Island of Kalthertz, you can get the Anytime, Anywhere roster quest. It’s best to wait until you’re at level 50 in combat before doing this, and you need to have access to the Lost Ark ships to do it at first.

Which ship in Lost Ark is the best?

The best Lost Ark ship is the Estoque. Many things could be said in favor of different ships, but the Estoque has the best numbers. It’s one of the faster ships and can handle all kinds of dangerous water so you can go anywhere.

How often can Ghost Ship Lost Ark be played?

Every week, there are raids on Ghost Ships. Every week starts over on Wednesday. Only one character can clear a Ghost Ship. If you want to use a different character, you must wait until the weekly reset is over.

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Where is the Lost Ark of Turtle Island?

Turtle Island is in the middle of the game, between Annika and Tortoyk. Turtle Island is relatively easy to get to. You have to finish the questline to get anything from Turtle Island, like Mokoko seeds or tokens.

What is a Lost Ark compass?

With a compass, you can sail faster and move faster around islands. In The Lost Ark, you will spend a lot of time sailing and exploring the different islands, which is a handy item. So, if you want to move faster, get a compass!

Conclusion – I Just Can’t Sit On My Hands Lost Ark

The I Just Can’t Sit On My Hands Lost Ark quest is one of the easiest quests in the game. Lost Ark is a game that almost every gamer loves and plays, and it is getting increasingly popular worldwide every day.

Most gamers need to learn how to finish this quest, so they keep looking online for the answer.

So, I wrote this article to explain how to finish this quest. I hope that you can finish this Lost Ark quest. Best wishes! Happy gaming!