Tips on How to Use the Royal Giant Mother Witch Deck

In this post, you will learn how to use the Royal Giant Mother Witch deck in the most effective manner. So hold on tight because you are going to learn the most effective strategies for maintaining offensive and defensive pressure that will help you win trophies and tackle challenges.

The Mother Witch Card

The Mother Witch card can be earned by overcoming the Legendary Arena opponent (Arena 15). This soldier has modest hitpoints and does low damage, and she can only be used against a single target at a medium distance. If the Mother Witch assaults a unit, a curse is put on that unit for 5 seconds, preventing it from attacking again. If the unit eventually dies during the curse’s duration, a Cursed Hog will emerge, which has slightly less health and damage than a Royal Hog but has significantly more damage. The deployment of a Mother Witch card costs 4 Elixir.

The Mother Witch is effective against swarms of troops due to her high attack speed, which allows her to quickly kill them all and unleash a massive army of Cursed Hogs. Skeletons, Bats, and Spear Goblins are especially vulnerable to her one-shot attack.

The Mother Witch is a great counter to Graveyard as she can curse a large number of Skeletons as well as assist the tower in taking down the Skeletons.

It’s widely regarded as one of the finest legendary cards in the game at the moment, although its effectiveness is dependent on the deck. Because of this card, the majority of people began to substitute Fireball for Poison in the majority of their decks.

In Royal Giant Mother Witch Decks, you can employ Mother Witch to assist your Royal Giant in a counter-push.

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Royal Giant Card

The Royal Giant card can be earned by conquering the Royal Arena (Arena 7). He is a medium-ranged soldier that targets buildings and has high hitpoints while doing moderate damage, he is a good choice for an attacking role. Despite having a similar physical appearance to a Giant, this soldier sports a dark-colored cloth coat and facial hair with a beard that reached his chin, as well as an earring on his ear, but also possesses a cannon in one hand and a cannonball in the other. The cost of deploying a Royal Giant card is 6 Elixir.

High hitpoints are practically useless since the Royal Giant is just a ranged unit, therefore he won’t protect any melee or short-range soldiers from the opponent. However, the player may employ the Royal Giant as a tank by putting down melee soldiers.

Because of the reduced usage rates of cards such as tiny Pekka, Royal Giant is actually really good in this deck. He is your primary victory condition and should be utilized throughout the match to maintain pressure and compel your enemy to use elixir cautiously. With his great defense against siege decks and the cycle power of this deck, he can simply be replaced by another Royal Giant if you need to.

The Royal Giant Mother Witch Deck

In order to get the greatest results, the Royal Giant Mother Witch Deck is generally accompanied by cards such as:

Fisherman: the Fisherman may be employed to divert the attention of the other team’s defense forces away from the Royal Giant.

Tips on How to Use the Royal Giant Mother Witch Deck

Electro Wizard The Electro Wizard is a fantastic defensive card that can easily hold back any troop long enough for Pekka to finish them off.

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Hunter: A Mini P.E.K.K.A. can be taken out by this card, which is quite good for 4 Elixir. He also has a lot of health, which makes him a highly effective 4 Elixir card.

Fireball: This card is very valuable on both the offensive and defensive sides of the field. For offensive, it destroys the Minion Horde and does significant damage to anti-air soldiers.

Heal Spirit: this card costs one elixir and it can be used to assist your royal giant, allowing him to possibly land 2-3 more strikes on the enemy’s princess towers.

Mega Minions: This is a useful card to have if your opponent has a restricted air-attacking card on hand.

Electro spirit: If your opponent possesses an inferno dragon or inferno, you should employ the electro spirit to neutralize it.

Lighting: After your opponent has placed a card at the end of your lane, you can use lighting when it reaches the top of the tower.

Log: A tree trunk that smashes everything that gets in the way of it. It also has the additional benefit of reducing damage to Crown Towers.

How to use the Royal Giant Mother Witch Deck

Using the Royal Giant Mother Witch Deck is a simple process.

  • Your primary duty with the Royal Giant Mother Witch Deck in the early game is to just cycle royal giant and fisher to maintain pressure while depending on this deck’s excellent defense to aid in the protection of your princess towers.
  • As a general rule, find out what deck your opponent is using and take advantage of every spell value you can.
  • The synergy between the Fisherman and the Hunter is excellent in defense as you can even draw troops closer to the hunter, resulting in higher DPS thanks to the hunter’s shotgun mechanics.
  • As soon as you reach double elixir, you can begin employing your spells to assist your pushes and perhaps exerting dual lane pressure if the chance presents itself.
  • Continue to provide pressure with the Royal Giant, as this will compel your opponent to play defense while increasing the likelihood of incurring tower damages to your opponent.
  • When playing against graveyard decks, keep swapping lanes as often as possible. You may also utilize your Mother Witch to assist in defending the graveyard, since Mother Witch is one of the finest cards for graveyard decks.
  • You should strive to take as little tower damage as possible in a single elixir with the royal giant Mother witch deck if you’re up against a bait deck.
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The Royal Giant Mother Witch Deck is a more straightforward deck to play in terms of overall difficulty. The Royal Giant is your victory condition, while Mother Witch is utilized as a defensive army plus counter-push, similar to how the Elite Barbarians are used.

Make sure you out cycle your opponent on double and triple elixir, and you’ll have no trouble winning the game.