How To Use Mic On Geforce Now Fortnite

In Geforce Now Fortnite, is your mic not functioning? It is a pain when you can’t hear your teammates and others or when players can’t hear you either. You’ll be able to repair this problem fast and efficiently after going through this guide.

Because NVIDIA provides most of the great graphics cards for PCs, it is a renowned brand amongst gamers. There’s also a program that lets you play Geforce Now Fortnite with settings specifically tailored to your computer’s capabilities. Even though the company’s goods are high quality, some problems might arise, which we shall discuss in detail today. Our most recent troubleshooting guide tackles the issue of the mic not working in GeForce Now.

How To Use Mic On Geforce Now Fortnite

Is the Geforce Now Fortnight mic not working? Here are 5 great remedies; navigate through each item till you locate the one which works for you.

  • Inspect your computer and connection ports
  • Adjust the sound settings
  • Verify the settings
  • Install the most recent version of your audio driver
  • Check the game files for authenticity.

1.            Inspect your computer and connection ports

First, verify that your computer and connectivity are working correctly before attempting something complex.

  • Try it out on a different computer to make sure your mic isn’t damaged.
  • When using cable headphones, plug them into a separate port and be sure it’s connected firmly and accurately. In general, USB ports on the computer’s rear have more power, so that’s where you should plug in your peripherals.
  • Reconnect your UBS wireless receiver by disconnecting and replugging your wireless headset if you’re using one.
  • Plugging in your headphones before starting Geforce Now Fortnite is a good practice. Restarting Geforce Now Fortnite may fix the problem if it disconnects while you’re playing.
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There are other solutions, provided your computer and connectivity are OK.

2.            Adjust the sound settings

When your headphone mic is plugged in, it’s likely to be configured as the default input device. On the other hand, Windows upgrades may occasionally break setups, necessitating manual intervention.

Geforce Now Fortnite

Here are the instructions:

  • Remove any unnecessary audio devices.
  • Right-click the speaker icon in the lower right corner of your desktop and choose Sounds.
  • Go to the Recording menu. Afterward, right-click all other audio devices and turn all.
  • Make your primary microphone the default mic.
  • Select your primary microphone and click Set Default on the Recording tab.
  • Make sure you pick Properties from the right-click menu.
  • Go to the “Levels” sub-menu on the menu bar. Slide Drag the mic volume to the highest setting at this point.
  • Adapt the sampling frequency
  • Tap the Advanced section on the Microphone Properties screen.
  • In Default Format, there is a drop-down menu where you should choose two channels, 16 bits, 41,100, or 48000 Hz (DVD quality). Finally, click OK to save the adjustments.

After configuring the microphone correctly, the next step is to check the mic configurations in the game.

3.            Verify the settings in the Geforce Now Fortnite

For your headphone mic to function in Geforce Now Fortnite, you must also set it up as the correct input device. In this manner:

  • Initially, you’ll need to run Geforce Now Fortnite. Go to the game’s settings menu to access the audio options and choose “audio.”
  • Ensure open mic is chosen in the voice chat mode and not push to speak. If it isn’t, modify, apply it, and relaunch Geforce Now Fortnite to ensure its effectiveness.
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Check to verify if your microphone works properly by restarting Geforce Now Fortnite. You should be able to hear your gaming buddies, and they should be able to listen to you too.

If it doesn’t work, you may attempt the following remedy.

4.            Install the most recent version of your audio driver

Your audio driver may be defective or obsolete if your microphone does not function in Geforce Now Fortnite. Update your audio driver regularly to prevent Future connectivity concerns and maintain your mic performing at its best.

To accomplish this manually or automatically, follow these two options:

  • Install audio drivers manually

Your PC or sound card manufacturer’s website should be your first port of call if you want to upgrade your audio driver manually. To install a driver, double-click on the downloaded file and complete any on-screen steps provided.

  • Install audio drivers automatically

With Driver Easy, you don’t have to manually update your audio driver if you don’t have the time, patience, or technical knowledge.

Using Driver Easy, you’ll be able to obtain and install the necessary audio device and Windows version drivers for your computer.

  • Install Driver Easy if you haven’t already.
  • Click the Scan Now option in Driver Easy. To find any problematic drivers, run a scan using Driver Easy.
  • It is simple to upgrade the audio driver.
  • To download and install the latest version of your computer’s audio driver, click the Update icon next to the flagged driver.

If you’d like, you may select Update All to have your system download and install the latest versions of all of your drivers automatically. You’ll need the Pro version for this to work, which includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and complete support.

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5.            Check the game files for authenticity.

Missing or malfunctioning game files might also cause discrepancies in your game. Checking the integrity of game files may aid your case.

  • Open the windows and choose the Library option from the Tools menu.
  • Right-click Geforce Now Fortnite and choose Properties from the game list.
  • Check the authenticity of the files by selecting Local Files and then clicking Verify.


Is the problem with your microphone now resolved? Consider uninstalling Geforce Now Fortnite and starting over from the beginning if that doesn’t work for you. If your previous installation were faulty, you’d need to reinstall Geforce Now Fortnite to get your mic working again.

This article have helped you with methods to fix your Geforce Now Fortnite mic not functioning issue.