How To Fix Sykov Akimbo Challenge Not Working

Since Call of Duty and Warzone have both launched the long-awaited Sykov Pistol, players are likely curious about how to unlock the weapon and how to fix the Sykov Akimbo challenge not working.

It’s no secret that the Sykov pistol, especially when combined with the Akimbo perk, is becoming more popular in Warzone. Regrettably, some players are experiencing trouble with the Sykov akimbo challenge not working right. Even though the challenge description is deceptive, players are expected to complete it by achieving a total of three kills with the Renetti while using the Mo’Money perk in five separate battles.

In addition, a large number of players have mentioned that the Sykov Akimbo Challenge not working correctly also affects them in their games. In the following post, we have provided information on how to unlock the Sykov Pistol, how to unlock the Sykov Akimbo, and how to fix the issue of the Sykov Akimbo Challenge not working.

How To Unlock Sykov Pistol?

The players had been given a taste of what the Sykov Pistol was, therefore the subject of how to unlock the Sykov Pistol has been in their thoughts ever since the Sykov Pistol was released. The introduction of the Sykov Pistol was a release that was eagerly anticipated by the gaming community.

So in February 2021, the Sykov Pistol became available in the inventory of a large number of players; yet, only a select handful was able to successfully use it. Regarding the Sykov Pistol, one of the questions that are asked the most often is “How to Unlock Sykov Pistol.” This should not come as a surprise given the previous explanation. The Sykov Pistol was made available for use in Call of Duty: Cold War and Warzone on the same day, April 15th, 2021.

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In contrast to February, when the Sykov Pistol was only available for a short time, it is anticipated that the Sykov Pistol will be available for a much longer amount of time this time around, which raises the issue of how to unlock the Sykov Pistol. The instructions for unlocking the Sykov Pistol in both Sykov Pistol Warzone and Sykov Pistol Call of Duty are the same. Even though this is already a difficulty on its own, the technique for unlocking the Sykov Pistol is relatively straightforward. To obtain the Sykov Pistol, the players will need to make four kills while using a pistol across a total of five matches.

How To Fix Sykov Akimbo Challenge Not Working
How To Fix Sykov Akimbo Challenge Not Working

How To Unlock Sykov Pistol Warzone?

Sykov Pistol Warzone has special features that make it simpler to unlock the pistol, even though players just need to make four pistol kills in five matches to unlock it.

Plunder, for example, is the perfect Warzone mode to play to obtain new weaponry. This is because you can continuously respawn throughout the battle. Gamers also need to remember that the Warzone Diamatti pistol is still one of the greatest weapons and that it is much simpler to chase down other players while they are playing in casual mode.

Take these things into consideration as you attempt to unlock the Sykov Pistol Warzone. As with the Sykov Pistol in Modern Warfare, the easiest way to unlock new weapons is in multiplayer mode.

Enter a compact map such as Shipment and equip your preferred pistol to start blowing up heads as soon as you can. Be sure that you stick around to the finish of the game and do not give up after you have reached the goal of four kills. With that, you will have the Sykov Pistol unlocked in no time.

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Sykov Akimbo Challenge and How To Fix The Sykov Akimbo Challenge Not Working

You need to get three kills with the Sykov while utilizing the Mo’Money perk in five separate matches before you can unlock the Akimbo with the Sykov. However, despite the fact that the description of the task specifies that you must use the Renetti, the description is false. The Sykov pistol is the sole weapon that will allow you to successfully complete the challenge.

In the multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare, completing this task should not provide any difficulties. Simply enter Shoot the Ship or the map of your choice and make sure the Sykov is used in each of your three kills. It goes without saying thatyou need to check if the Mo’Money perk is equipped. That is why the kills are not being tracked or counted.

It’s because you don’t have the Mo’money perk installed in your Sykov. You are free to quit the matches after you have obtained three kills; however, since some players have reported problems with the challenge not being tracked, it is recommended that you remain in the matches until they have concluded in order to ensure that everything works properly. If you’re having trouble getting kills with the Sykov, you may want to try playing the game on Hardcore mode, which makes it easier to achieve pistol kills from a greater distance.

However, despite the simplicity of the approach, a number of players have expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the sykov akimbo challenge not working. In the next section, you’ll find specifics explaining how to fix the sykov akimbo challenge not working.

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If you don’t possess Modern Warfare installed, you can still complete this challenge in Warzone. In order to complete this challenge, you need to play Plunder to have the ability to respawn as often as necessary. While you might theoretically do this in a typical Battle Royale round, there is no assurance that you would be able to acquire three kills with the Sykov before being eliminated from the game.

Just a little grinding is required to get started on this challenge since the Mo’Money perk is unlocked for the Sykov at weapon level 32. Shoot the Ship or any fast-paced map will get your pistol leveled in no time if you have Modern Warfare installed. You can begin working on the Sykov Akimbo challenge as soon as you gain the Mo’Money perk.