How To Evolve Croagunk In Pokemon Sword And Shield

This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about Croagunk in Pokemon, including instructions on how to evolve Croagunk in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Even if there isn’t a vast National Dex in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Galar area is still home to more than 450 Pokemon, some of which are old and others of which are brand new. Croagunk and Toxicroak are two examples of this kind of Pokemon, both of which were first seen in Generation IV. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the following is the evolution chain for Croagunk into Toxicroak.

Croagunk is referred to as being “popular as a mascot” in Pokémon Platinum; however, the game’s Pokédex does not specify which organizations or sports teams use Croagunk as a mascot. This enigma is solved once and for all by Pokémon Shield, which discloses that it is the mascot of a pharmaceutical business that discovered that a diluted version of Croagunk’s toxin is useful for treating lower back discomfort.

Croagunk and Toxicroak’s reputation for battling unjustly has been much improved as a result of this development, which was also highlighted in Platinum’s Pokédex.

About Croagunk 

The Pokémon known as Croagunk is a bipedal, dark ultramarine blue creature that resembles a poison dart frog. It has golden eyes that are encircled by black patterns on both sides. It has large, flat teeth and orange pouches that may extend on its cheeks. 

The pouches are extensible. It has a white marking that goes around its upper arms and chest, and it has a black marking that goes around its chest and upper arms. If you compare a male and female Croagunk, you’ll see that the female’s white markings are located somewhat higher on her body. 

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The majority of its fingers and toes are dark in color, and it has three of each. The only fingers that are not black are the ones in the middle, and they have an orange color instead.

The cheek pouches and fingers of a Croagunk both have a deadly fluid inside of them. However, after it has been neutralized, the fluid that is extracted from its finger may also be an important component of treatments for lower back pain. 

The sounds that may be produced by the cheek pouches can be rather unsettling. It is known to attempt to stab its foes with its fingers if they are distracted. Despite this, it engages in conflict with other organisms to preserve its own continued existence. 

The selection of Croagunk as the mascot for a pharmaceutical company contributed to the popularity of this Pokémon. It is also well-known due to the peculiar sound it makes and the goofy appearance it has. Seismitoad is connected to Croagunk and Toxicroak, which is an evolved version of Croagunk. It is stated that Croagunk has a malicious disposition since it can wield poison.

How To Evolve Croagunk
How To Evolve Croagunk

Where To Find Croagunk

You may be questioning why I haven’t spoken about Pokémon Sword in this article yet. This is because neither Croagunk nor Toxicroak can be found in Sword. This Pokémon can only be found in the game Shield; hence, players of Sword will need to locate a buddy who plays Shield so that they could trade for it.

However, you will need to get a Croagunk first to be able to evolve into a Toxicroak. It is important to note straight away that the only method to capture a Croagunk is in the wild in Pokemon Shield. Because it can only be obtained within the game, those who already possess Pokemon Sword will have to engage in a trade to get it.

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If you want to locate Croagunk, you should go to Bridge Field, Dusty Bowl, Giant’s Cap,Galar, Mine No. 2, Stony Wilderness or Motostoke Outskirts. If you want the highest chance of locating Croagunk, you should go to Dusty Bowl or Area 2 of Giant’s Mirror while the weather is cloudy. In these areas, you will have a greater chance of catching the Pokémon.

In addition, you may encounter Croagunk in the Max Raid Battles that take place in Dusty Bowl, North Lake Miloch, Rolling Fields, South Lake Miloch, and Stony Wilderness.

How To Evolve Croagunk Into Toxicroak

How to evolve Croagunk? When Croagunk’s level is raised to 37, it evolves into the Toxicroak. Although it requires a lot of effort and time, the payoff is more than satisfactory.

If you already have a Croagunk in your custody, all that is required to develop it into a Toxicroak is to raise its level to 37. When a Croagunk reaches level 37, it will evolve into a Toxicroak on its own without any further intervention.

Simply gaining experience and moving up in level is all that is required in this game; you do not need an evolution stone or a unique item such as the Razor Claw to progress.

That is all there is to know about how to evolve Croagunk into Toxicroak in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

What Toxicroak Can Do In Battle

The Toxicroak’s high attack and speed give it the potential to be an effective sweeper. You should go all-in with Gunk Shot as your primary STAB attack, then choose either Cross Chop or Drain Punch as your second STAB attack. Learn Sucker Punch because it is a wonderful move that should never be passed up anytime it is an option and because it makes an excellent choice for a priority move.

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The fourth assault you can make can be pretty much whatever you want it to be. a Revenge is a move that may be quite useful if you discover that your Toxicroak is being outrun by a more agile foe. On the other hand, Toxicroak allows you to play for the long term against a Pokémon that has high defense but a low attack. Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, and Earthquake are fantastic moves that provide Toxicroak a lot of options for dealing with whatever challenge it faces.