How To Connect To Itunes When Iphone Is Disabled?

How to Connect to Itunes When Iphone Is Disabled? iPhone is a superb gadget that is loved by many people due to its great features and impeccable looks. Besides, when you have this phone, you will just feel on top of the world. But sometimes, your iPhone may be disabled due to one reason or another.

When the iPhone is disabled, you will get an error from iTunes, saying that you can’t connect to it unless you unlock it. This post will show you how to connect to iTunes when iPhone is disabled. But, it is better you know the disabled status on iPhones and why iTunes may fail to connect to the disabled iPhone. With this information, you will be able to know what you are dealing with and not perform trial and error methods that can result in other serious problems.

The main thing is to know how to connect iPhone to iTunes when it is in disabled mode. So let’s get started by learning the basics.

What Does It Mean For An Iphone To Be Disabled?

Once you lock the iPhone using the lock button, it goes into sleeping mode. Once it gets locked, you will not be able to access it unless you unlock it. To unlock the iPhone, various options can help; you can use facial recognition, touch ID, or passcode.

Passcodes are just passwords or codes that you can use to log in to your phone. Note that these are just security measures put in place to make sure that the iPhone can alone be accessed by the person who is the authentic user. However, the iPhone will disable once you enter the wrong passcode for a given attempt. Unfortunately, if you fail to enter the right passcode, then the iPhone will be disabled for a given time.

However, this will be temporary; afterward, you can try again. For instance, here are the failed attempts and the amount of the time the iPhone will be disabled:

  • After five attempts, the iPhone will be disabled for one minute
  • After seven attempts, the iPhone will be disabled for five minutes
  • After eight attempts, the iPhone will be disabled for fifteen minutes
  • Nine attempts, the iPhone will be disabled for 60 minutes
  • After ten attempts, the iPhone will be disabled without a time limit.

Note that this is not a measure to prevent you from accessing your iPhone however is a security measure that helps you prevent unauthorized access to your phone or data. Once it reaches the tenth time, your phone will enter into a self-destruct mode, and you will need to unlock the iPhone with other methods, but you have to be keen to avoid losing your data.

Other Reasons for iTunes Not Connect to iPhone

Even though one of the obvious reasons why iTunes can’t connect to the iPhone is disabled status, there could be other reasons making iTunes not to connect to your iPhone. Sometimes this error can be a result of a timeout error.

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Therefore the error that you will get does not mean that you have disabled your iPhone by entering the wrong passcode, but also timeout error can lead to the same problem.

Another reason for you not to connect iTunes to your iPhones might be that there is a maximum number of devices already connected using your Apple ID. For instance, a given Apple ID can handle up to 5 devices, so you might get the connecting error message that your iPhone is disabled by connecting the sixth one.

How To Connect To Itunes When Iphone Is Disabled
How To Connect To Itunes When Iphone Is Disabled

How to Connect To Itunes When Iphone Is Disabled?

Here there are different methods to connect to iTunes when iPhone is disabled; however, the methods will depend on what has caused the error. Before you use any of these methods, you will first need to establish the problem that leads to the error. Now let’s look at some of the solutions or the methods you can use to solve the problem:

1.      Removing the devices and then connecting iTunes.

If the problem of the iTunes not connecting is due to the excess number of devices associated with the Apple ID, then there are two major processes that you can use to remove the devices so that you can have a chance to connect to the iTunes.

  • Using iTunes

You can remove the other devices from the iTunes by following the blowing procedure:

Step 1: On iTunes, navigate the Store menu and click it. Then choose the view account menu from the list of the menu from the store.

Enter your password

 Step 2: On iTunes in the cloud, click manage device and select the devices you need to disconnect.

•             Using the device

Here you will follow a different procedure from the first method above. To do so, here is how you will do it:

Step 1: Go to the AppStore, look for your iTunes Id, and click on the view Apple Id.

Step 2: You will get the option to remove the device. Also, note that you will have to enter your password to remove the password.

Step 3: When you have finished disconnecting the device associated with the Apple ID, you can connect items to the iPhone that is disabled.

Connecting iTunes to the disabled iPhone

Connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable, and iTunes will launch, and the device will be detected. Then there will be a pop-up window, and you can click restore or update to connect.

Unlocking the iPhone directly

If the iPhone is the one that is locked, you will have to use another method to be able to connect to iTunes. Here when the iPhone is disabled because of one or any reason, then you need to unlock it. To do this, you will have to rely on third-party apps, tools, or software that will help unlock the phone. Some of the tools you can use in this case are lockWiper iMyFone. With this software, you will be able to bypass the passcode, remove the Apple Id, Bypass the Screen Time passcode and remove the MDM profile.

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Here is the procedure that you can follow to unlock the iPhone

First visit the official website of iMyFone LockWiper:

Then download the software to your computer. Install it on your computer and then launch the program.

Then on the homepage of the software, click unlock screen password.

Once you click the option, you will see some instructions; make sure you read them and after you finish reading, click start. Then you will be required to comment your iPhone to the computer. Once you connect the iPhone to the computer, it will detect the iPhone and recognize it, and the software will find its firmware. So you will need to click the download button. After the downloading has finished, the package will be extracted and installed automatically.

Now when the download and installation finish, you have to click the start unlock button, and then you will have to enter 000000 to the pop-up dialog box and click the unlock button. Then here, the unlocking process will start, so make sure your iPhone is connected to the computer until the unlocking process finishes.

Once the process finishes, your iPhone will be unlocked, and you can set it up; you could have set up a new phone.

Connecting to the iTunes

Once your iPhone is unlocked, then it will be the time that you can connect to iTunes without any issue.

For MacOS Catalina

For those who use MacOS Catalina and can now connect with the iPhone, this is the best method to connect to iTunes to the disabled iPhone. Here you will have an app called Finder; with the Finder then, you will be able to access all the devices, apps, or functionalities that you could find on iTunes. To connect your disabled iPhone to this app, then do the following:

Open the Finder app

•             Then connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

•             Look for your device name and then choose it and on the pop-up window, confirm that your trust the device. Like you used iTunes, you can use the Finder to restore the iPhone or sync with your computer.

Tips on how to connect to iTunes when iPhones are disable

Though it is possible to connect to iTunes when iPhone is disabled, it is a good idea if you will not put your iPhone in a disabled mode. Though there are different methods to connect to iTunes, the process is not easy and costly since you might lose your data or use the money to buy software to help you unlock a disabled iPhone.

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Since you do not know this can happen, it’s good practice that you need to back up your data frequently so that once your phone is locked, you will be able to get your data back after the unlocking process.

If you think you will forget your password, it is better that you use the touch or the face id since they do not pose any long failure due to forgetting the password. Here you do not have to remember anything to log into your iPhone.

Note that if you have decided to keep your iPhone and use another gadget for some time, it is better to keep the iPhone while it is unlocked to prevent the issue of forgotten passwords later when you decide to use the iPhone again.

Avoid keeping your iPhone at a place or a place that will fall into the wrong hands. Your kids, pets, and bad friends can be the potential cause of disabling your iPhone so make sure that always your iPhone is in a safe place or good hands.


1. How to unlock a disabled iPhone that connects to iTunes?

You can connect your iPhone to a computer and then hold the power button and the home button until iTunes can recognize it while in recovery mode. Continue holding until the firmware of the iPhone is restored.

2. Can you reset the password of your locked iPhone without using a computer?

You can use your iPhone hardest by pressing the home and volume buttons together at the same time until it restarts.


iTunes is designed so that it can give an error, but it does not give you an exact hint that you can use to troubleshot and find the ideal solution. Before going further and using third-party software as your first method, try disconnecting the device method before going for the third part software. If you are using the Mac Catalina, then use an alternative app called Finder, which has the same functionality as the iTunes app. Hopeful this article has helped you connect to iTunes when your iPhone is disabled.