Silent Hill 2 Overhaul Adds Even More Horror Now

Silent Hill 2 Major Overhaul

Good news, Silent Hill fans! The year 2020 brings you many improvements of your favorite video game “Silent Hill 2”. This horror survival series is outstanding with its haunting environments, incredible characters, and psychological storyline. To know more about the news, check this article on some Silent Hill 2 overhaul that the fans added into the game.

The Best Horror Games For This Spooky November 2020

Best Horror Games 2020

November is not just a month of spooks and jumpscares, because it might also be a perfect time to play the best horror games around. How awesome would it be to keep with the season in order to give you the interaction and immersion you ‘ve been longing in a horror game. After all, why not make your heart jump from time to time?

Baldur’s Gate III – Upcoming Video Game Review

Baldur's Gate 3 Review

Being one of the most successful and most loved role-playing games of all time, Baldur’s Gate III follows the rules and systems of Dungeons and Dragons although slightly bent to allow a more enjoyable, and player-centered experience. Once again, it’s time to satisfy your inner fantasies about adventure and be immersed with it as the plot unfolds.

World Of Tanks – Online Video Game Review

World Of Tanks

How cool will it be to have a tank of your own and blast your enemies to smithereens? And, not just that. You got an arsenal of some of the biggest guns ever put on a tank! Isn’t that sweet? If you’re tank battles, explosions, and even more tank battles, this game might just be for you!

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Video Game Review

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

It has been some ways away since we last heard of the game mount and blade bannerlord. In fact, it has been over a decade since the first game came out. The game defied expectations and managed to produce some of the best large scale combat ever. This aspect of the game created a lot … Read more

Write For Us! Techs or Gaming Enthusiasts Looking for an Audience?

Are you a tech and/or gaming enthusiast? Do you like to write valuable and engaging tech and gaming articles and want to share your knowledge and passion with a larger audience? Then, we are giving you the opportunity to write with us and share your ideas and expertise with the world. Writing for us is … Read more

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