Games Like Star Citizen

Games Like Star Citizen; star Citizen includes elements of space simulation and multiplayer shooter games and will offer four unique game modes – essentially expanding the genre of space simulators. A mode would enable the players to optimize and decorate spaceships, which more appeals to creative gameplay.

In Arena mode, players can fly in space fight, or freely fly and explore. Star Marine Mod adds a typical fight with gameplay in the elimination-style, while persistent universe mode promises to add the character adjustment with fascinating space environments, including unique climate.

Star Citizen may be promising, but I can understand that they are impatient or even tuning out. Regardless of whether you are planning to support Star Citizens in the future – and hopefully to play Star Citizen or not as invested, the good news is that there are a number of room simulators and exploitation games like star citizen.

In the following, I will share my top choices for the best alternatives for Star Citizen. The games focused on the fight and played more on exploring and dynamics of the space construction.

Best Alternatives Games Like Star Citizen

  • Star Wars: Squadrons
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Everspace/Everspace 2
  • Outer Wilds
  • Stellaris
  • Dual Universe

1.     Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons, produced by Electronic Arts, is one of the newest games in the space healing genre and considered relatively affordable in comparison with its popularity and was praised for the dedicated gameplay and multiplayer combat mode.

War Squadrons

According to the Dark Vador Order, the action takes all refugees who flee the Alderaan, which is now decimated. The story is about locating and protecting refugees and jumps to four years at a certain moment.

With explosive action and strategy, the season combines stories, traditions, and space battles in this public plan.

In the first person, you can order the new Republic Navy or the Galactic Empire to defeat opponents and save refugees. Drawing, weapons, specialized engines, and forces are available to you, as well as a way to improve your weapons and the total item of your spacecraft.

Herbs follow an increasingly popular model that offers both a single-player and a multiplayer mode with two options for online games. You work like a death match, a term that is even used in games such as Age of Empires. With the other, you can merge to five to complete a mission.

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2.     Dual Universe

Looking for a game like Star Citizen – which is in multiplayer mode, a compelling space environment – has creative freedom? A double citizen can be a great option for you, although it has not yet been published. Find a publication for 2021.

Dual Universe 1

The Dual Universe is published by Novaquark, a French gaming studio, and is described as a simulation game of the first person in space, but with a prominent online multiplayer model. The double universe is one of the few games of its kind to be inspired by games such as Star Citizen, No Man’s Sky, and even games such as Minecraft.

Collecting, handicrafts, mining, and work are the focus of this game. It will therefore rely on Minecraft fans than those who prefer serious combat or action scenes. You will search, among other things, for sources, creation, and constructions. There are also systems for trade and war.

The double universe is both social and competitive. It is therefore not the best choice if you do not treat the multiplayer mode. But a part of what this game is fun is only the possibility to connect, compete and construct in a space environment. Because it is a sandbox style, there is no good or wrong way to play, nor is there a final end.

3.     No Man’s Sky

When talking about games like star citizen; No Man’s Sky is another alternative, although No Man’s Sky was originally published in 2016, it is still very popular today and can even be played on PlayStation 5 (in addition to PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X).

No Mans Sky

With more than an approval rate of 90 percent for Steam and more than 10 million players, No Man’s Sky is a Space Survival Game that combines some genres for a unique experience.

Exploration and survival are combined with trade and fight even when they explore an incredible open world – one that is expanded in investigating it. Each planet has characteristic names and vegetation.

Unlike many survival games, the heaven of No Man is also defined against the background of the action, while a world of procedures immediately brings the world to a new level.

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Although the gameplay itself can sometimes be a bit superfluous, world research is excellent and this game still gets regular updates and upgrades. The new functions include a multiplayer mode, new means of transport, and even a virtual reality. Buy here.

4.     Everspace/ Everspace 2

Looking for a spacer with a follow-up on the road? Everspace with a promised follow-up published in 2021 is one of your best options, especially if you are looking for an alternatives games like star citizen.


Everspace was started in 2017 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

If you do not go into action or world research, Everspace can be a good option for you. The fairly simple but attractive gameplay focuses on the room fight with different levels of difficulty and a point system.

You can improve your fights by collecting weapons, updating your ship, and communicating with others. Although there is action, the majority of the gameplay of Everspace remains loyal to the space-shooting genre.

5.     Outer wilds

Here come other alternative games Like star citizen, an action-adventure game on the square with a 10 out of 10 rating on Steam, and more than 95 percent of players on Google. This would describe this Wilds, a game from 2019 that is available on Nintendo Switch (later in 2021), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows.

Outer wilds

Don’t make a mistake: although the world is inspired by space, it has a dramatic feeling other than Star Wars games, from the light, more stylized aesthetics to the gameplay itself. This almost 30 times nominated game (including victories for excellent performance in design, the best Indie game, and the best game and design) offers explorations in a unique space.

The players navigate in bending of 20 minutes in a solar system that always ends in dramatic Supernova-socialise. You will investigate what happened with the removal of Naomi, an alien being who used to live on the planet.

You have to collect instructions to use certain things, unlock codes, and more – with a little mystery, strategy, and action – everything with the background of development events and background history.

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Survival will also be the key because you have to follow both your oxygen and general health. To make it even more difficult, you leave at the end of every day dead or back to your house.

6.     Stellaris

Stellaris, published by Paradox Interactive and published for Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, is unique because the room fight combines with strategy. Some elements of this strategy are the creation of Room Civilization and my attraction to fans of the Civilization Series.

Stellaris scaled

Stellaris is one of my favorite games like star citizen in the space motif in the future and enables them to control their own space company. They have the authority to manage the government, the government, technological progress, and even be forced to manage ethical decisions for their citizens.

You can choose a focus that has a strong impact on your gameplay: conquest, after-school care, destruction of all, or technological progress. Alliances, diplomacy, and strategy residents with parliamentary control and even space trade.

The system is advanced, with selections for ethics, its own background story, and many options to play. You must manage priorities, manage and determine who you should work with – or against you.

I think it’s great that this game has a high degree of repeatability. Although they are pleasant in themselves, you can expand your game with 13 DLC to further adjust your game.


Regardless of whether you have been waiting for a while or have just been fascinated by the starting point of Star Citizen, there are a number of great alternatives games like star citizen that you can play now, whether you have advanced gaming graphic card for your PC or prefer the Game on the console.