Fans Remake The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening For AmigaOS, Windows, & macOS To Suit Its Prequel

One of the French fan sites, called ZeldaForce, was working lately to remake The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening to change its art style so that it would suit the classical Zelda: A Link to the Past on SNES. Few people paid attention to this headline last year so here we are to draw your attention to this great news. The project has received the name “A Link to the Dream,” and it is going to be released on AmigaOS, Windows, macOS, and other platforms.

A Game Extending Reach

Zelda main character

“A Link to the Dream” is an action-adventure, designed for only one player, like other video games of the Nintendo series. The game is already accessible for Android, GCW-Zero, Linux, and Pandora. The users of other platforms will be able to access the game as well later. Also, you may download all of Zelda games, Mario, Pokemon, and many others at

“All things will be revealed to you when the Dream-fish awakes” – that is what developers said about their new game by following classical Nintendo Zelda plot. In “A Link to the Dream”, the players are experiencing the stifling atmosphere of the mysterious Cocolint Island as a backdrop and wonder about the no less mysterious Dream Fish. Your main goal is to find the lost sword. The history of Link’s Awakening implies that the player gets into the sea storm and faints. Finally, they are rescued by a girl, Marine Zelda. This is how they get on Cocolint Island, and where the adventures begin.

The Move That Might Finally Get The Attention They Deserved

The Legend Of Zelda Links Awakening Announcement Trailer Nintendo Switch

ZeldaForce website has published plenty of images and videos of the making process of the game but still, it was not widely popular on the web, which is frustrating. As Zelda is one of the most popular retro games of all time, we thought that the response from the public will follow the release of the game, but nothing happened. There are pictures of separate elements and characters, and screenshots of the game itself, if you’re still on the fence deciding, should you play or not, so there will be no spoilers. The developers have also published hours-long footage depicting the game’s development, and there’s plenty of game replays already available on the net, but come on – try it yourself! The game has a brilliant design that closely resembles the classical style of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

The idea of the project occurred after the official release of Nintendo’s remake. However, the new art style of the game approached by the video game giant disappointed many fans. This led them to begin a project, which would focus on the classical SNES style, traditional for the Zelda series.

Nintendo still has not published an official reaction to the fan version of their game. The fans wonder if the project will be closed before the release, and how long it would take for the company’s lawyers to step in.

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