Extraterrestrials Exist According To Former Israeli Security Chief And University Professor

A former Israeli space security chief and professor, Haim Eshed, said that humans have been in touch with extraterrestrials from a so-called “Galactic Federation.” He also said that extraterrestrials exist but have asked not to publish that they are here since Earthlings are not ready yet. The news came from Yediot Aharonot – Israel’s newspaper. The interview also gained traction after parts of the news were finally written in English by Jerusalem Post.

The Reason They Are Here

Extraterrestrials Exist We Have Finally Established Contact With Extraterrestrials
We Have Finally Established Contact With Extraterrestrials

According to Eshed, aliens were as equally curious as we are to them. After all, they were also finding some answers to the questions about the universe. He added that there had been an agreement between the two parties, including an underground base somewhere in Mars, where they plan to meet up someday.

Eshed said that there is a contract which they both signed together to conduct experiments here on Earth.

He added that even former US President Donald Trump is aware of the extraterrestrials’ existence and had been on the brink of disclosing it, but was asked not to because humanity isn’t ready yet and it might cause worldwide panic.

According to him, they are just waiting for the day when we truly realize what space and spaceships are all about.

For now, both the White House and Israeli officials gave no further comments regarding the matter. Even the Pentagon spokesperson Sue Gough declined to give any more comments about it.

A NASA representative said that among the agency’s key goals was to find life outside our Solar System, but that it had yet to discover more. The spokesperson also added that NASA is doing its best to find signs of extraterrestrial life outside our planet, to find out whether we are truly alone in the universe.

You can learn more about Eshed’s ideas in-depth in a publication titled, “The Universe Beyond the Horizon – Conversations with Professor Haim Eshed.”

Extraterrestrials Exist
The Future Plan To Meet Up On Mars

Eshed said that he was only speaking now because he feels that it’s almost the right time, and people’s attitudes are now becoming more receptive and more open than the previous years.

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He shared that if he had done this perhaps five years ago, he would have been ended up in the hospital. Now that people more open to hearing such things, there’s nothing to lose since he’s aware that he’s an extremely reputable and respected person in many universities abroad.

Upon Knowing That Extraterrestrials Exist

Last May, Trump said that space will be the future, both in offense and defense. And they’re at its vanguard. That day, he was also presented with the flag of the newest military branch called “Space Force.”

Its focus is mainly for establishing military domain in space for the United States, aside from protecting its satellites and communication lines needed for wider scale geopolitics.

Online Reactions Upon Hearing That Extraterrestrials Exist

NASA: Proof Of Alien Life Closer

However, Eshed’s comments were not that widely accepted online. There has been a surge of newly-created Twitter accounts claiming to be representatives from the “Galactic Federation.” Others meanwhile, sought preferential treatment and meetings with the outsiders.

Aside from that, Nick Pope who used to investigate UFOs for the British defense, said that it’s just either a ploy to help sell his book or just a practical joke overall.

He added that while the conspiracy theory community was excited and would love to hear more, there are still some missing pieces of the puzzle for now.

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