Elon Musk Plans Tesla’s Commercial Launch In Israel

Elon Musk is planning to bring his Tesla to Israel by the second half of 2021. The planned exports would be the Model S, Model 3, Model Y, and Model X. This move is part of Tesla’s plan of an international expansion all across Europe.

According to Calcalist, Tesla appointed Ilan Benaro as technical service manager for Israel. He’ll be in charge of training the technical teams and setting up the specialized auto repair shops.

According to various sources, this expansion had originally been planned for the Israeli market during early 2020. The company was last seen looking for a space to establish its headquarters. January was supposed to be the launch of its commercial operations. Earlier that month, Tesla managed to acquire a showroom in Tel Aviv. The move was delayed though, because of the infamous coronavirus pandemic. 

Tesla To Israel Come 2021
“…to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport and electric technology.”

Another thing that contributed to the delayed was due to licensing problems with the Ministry of Transport. It is crucial to set up a repair service in the country to gain their approval and sell more than 20 cars a year.

About The Tesla Cars

As for the prices in the Israeli market, it is yet to be decided. According to reports, the Tesla 3 will cost around NIS 322, 000 but the price could be lower. This Tesla vehicle is known to have a 440 km range when it’s fully charged. It is also equipped with a powerful 390-horsepower engine. Other Tesla cars, like Model X, will have a 707-horsepower engine.

Tesla To Israel Soon!!!
A Tesla Charging Station

Other models are also capable of traveling a distance of up to 600km before another charge. They’ll be the first ones to beat the other electric vehicles currently sold in the country, like Jaguar and Audi AG.

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Calcalist also reported that the Ministry of Transport finally allowed Tesla’s very own Autopilot to be used in Israel. 

As of writing this article, Models X, S, and 3 have passed compliance with the country’s standards. So, it’s safe to safe that people will be enjoying their new Tesla come 2021. It seems that Elon and his flagship car shows no signs of stopping anywhere soon. Moreover, the company’s stocks grew by almost 650% this year. That makes Tesla the most valuable automaker with a cap of $600B making Elon the richest man in the world.

More About The Plan Of Tesla To Israel

Last month, Tesla released its beta version of Full Self-Driving software update to its small group of Tesla owners. Aside from that, Elon announced that the Full Self-Driving system will go up from $8000 to $10,000 starting October.

TESLA Model 3 Commercial

Tesla’s launch team for Israel will use the already-imported 20 vehicles for test drives and attract potential clients ahead of the expected launch. Currently, it is not yet possible to order a Model 3 in Israel. But with the future rise of the company’s various facilities in Israel, hopefully, things will change as soon as possible. 

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