Cartoon Characters With Mustaches

Cartoon characters with mustaches? What does a mustache accomplish for a cartoon character if it makes a guy more manly? I’ll tell you what:

The upper lip may benefit greatly from the use of the appropriate face mustache. Makes even the most gloomy face sparkle. It helps enliven the dull region between the cheekbones. It has the power to frighten, terrify, tease, and entertain. It’s good at catching soup.

We all had a favorite cartoon character when we were little. The way they were active was occasionally distinctive, but so was their voice or demeanor as well. In retrospect, it’s clear that many of them were unique because of their facial hairstyles.

You’d be surprised at how there were lots of famous cartoon characters with mustaches!

Both villains and heroes had distinct personalities that were well-suited to their facial hairstyles, no matter what kind of facial hair they possessed. In reality, there isn’t much difference between this and everyday life.

As a result, let us reminisce about all of the heroes and villains cartoon characters with mustaches in our adolescence or childhood.

The list includes some of our favorites, so take a look and see if you can identify your childhood hero.

10 Cartoon Characters with Mustaches

Here are the leading cartoon characters with mustaches of all time, as compiled by me in no particular order.

1.      Randy-Marsh

The mustache on Randy Marsh is quite standard. It’s not really noteworthy. A good balance between thickness and thinness. Neither the shape nor the trimmings are out of place. At the end of the day, it doesn’t appear all that remarkable.

However, Randy’s mustache earns him a spot on our list despite the fact that it is nothing out of the norm. It merely adds to the humor that Randy contributes to South Park. Even if he gets the finest lines or storylines, Randy’s outrageous antics would not make us laugh as hard if he didn’t have a mustache. It’s the ideal fit for him, in every way.

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2.      Mario & Luigi

Even if they aren’t really “cartoons,” the original Nintendo brothers had to be included. Mario and Luigi, who are both Italian plumbers, are so recognizable and vital to pop culture because of their bushy but not overbearing mustaches, which would make Ron Swanson yearn if he saw them in person.

Cartoon Characters With Mustaches
Cartoon Characters With Mustaches

3.      The Lorax

It’s not only the fact that he’s a Dr. Seuss figure that makes the Lorax so intriguing; it’s also the fact that his mustache is disproportionately large for his body. That mustache is so thick and bushy, that it seems as if someone had grafted the mustache of an Alaskan Walrus onto a beaver or groundhog. Even if the mustache doesn’t really go with the rest of his face, it’s still very incredible how well it’s stretched out.

4.      Ned Flanders

Because, like Randy, Ned Flanders’ mustache matches his persona so well, he’s been included in our list. When you combine Ned Flanders’ bushy mustache with his oversized religious convictions, you get a kind of cartoon, Christian Mr. Rogers. He’s so geeky and repressed that even the way he says, “Hidey ho, neighbor!” really rhymes with his style, which makes me wonder whether his children will end up having his type of mustache someday.

5.      Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf has a beard, not a mustache, but he’s nevertheless included on our list for two reasons. To begin, he’s the only Smurf with any kind of facial hair, and I think that’s simply funny. He’s also one of the most insightful cartoon characters I’ve ever seen.

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It’s not only that Papa Smurf is intended to appear like Santa Claus thanks to his red clothes and cap, but also his facial hair, which is white and fluffy. No, what makes Papa Smurf’s beard so impressive is the fact that it serves as a symbol of wisdom to all of the other Smurfs. Papa Smurf has been through a lot, so he’s the first person you should go to if you’re in need of support or advice.

6.      Monterey Jack from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

In the Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Jack is the oldest. He is descended from a nomadic family of Australian ancestry. Monty’s facial features are enhanced by the fullness of his mustache. His incredible mustache has made him a household name.

7.      Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

I’m referring to the 1953 Peter Pan film’s Captain Hook animation. Peter Pan and the rest of the Lost Boys are on the list of the villain’s targets. It’s the villain’s pet peeve that crocodiles are in any way dangerous. The mustache of the villain is figuratively and physically so wispy that it had to be put on with a pencil at the very last available opportunity. To me, Hook’s mustache resembles his hook since it’s narrow, pointed, and sharp.

8.      Jafar from Aladdin

Disney’s animated version of Aladdin, which was based on Arabian Nights, has Jafar as its primary antagonist. Jafar, of course, is renowned for his nefarious crimes, but his distinctive mustache has something to do with it. The tiny mustache enhances his sinister appearance, making him the ideal villain.

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9.      Cosmo Spacely (The Jetsons)

When I was a kid, The Jetsons was one of my favorite cartoons to watch. In my opinion, it was funny, and I was fascinated by the prospect of a future that was yet many decades away. At least for George Jetson, his employer Cosmo Spacely, a “little man” dictator with a Hitler-esque mustache, is more nightmare-like than dream-like in the program, at least. After all these years of watching The Jetsons, I still don’t know what the show’s producers were thinking back in the early sixties. Maybe they were paying tribute to Charlie Chaplin?

10. Yosemite Sam

There is no question that Sam’s mustache is the best on this list. It covers the whole face of the man, even extending into his brows. Because Sam’s mustache is so well suited to his persona, it’s one of my favorite facial hairs on this list. Sam is a gun-toting bandit with rudimentary command of the English language. Because of his outfit, hat, and guns, this guy seems like he’s straight out of Deadwood, and that’s exactly what I would love him to look like.

I know there are some cartoon characters with mustaches that we might have omitted. You can mention some of your favorites that are not in the list below in the comments.