Best Clash Royale Battle Healer Deck

The best Clash Royale Battle Healer decks are outlined in this article. It’s a top card at the moment, as she’s very excellent in support or even defense because of her healing ability, which makes her a tiny tank. Keep reading to learn about the best Clash Royale Battle Healer Decks. But first, let’s take a look at the Battle Healer card.

Battle Healer

This card can only be found in the Legendary Arena (Arena 15). She’s a single-target melee unit with a lot of health but little attack power. She wears the same armor as the Knight, except her breastplate is gold and her sword is a little shorter.

A continuous healing effect occurs as she fights, with four healing pulses with a 0.25-second interval taking place every time she strikes. The moment she is no longer engaged in combat for five seconds, she will begin to heal. The Battle Healer floats, which means she is targeted like a ground unit yet moves as an air unit. At 4 Elixir every turn, a Battle Healer card can be put into play.

How To use Battle Healer

Offensive Usage

With her healing aura, she is a great addition to large-scale beatdown decks.

Elixir Golem is a great example of a deck with a lot of support troops, such as Night Witch and Electro Dragon, that can be put behind her. This is because the three forms of the Elixir Golem can tank for the support troops for a long time.

Your soldiers will be healed to near-infinite levels if the Battle Healer assaults your enemy’s defenses, which they must do at some point regardless of how well your Battle Healer performs.

As a result, a massive Elixir Golem makes an all-out effort to halt it.

Golem decks can also make good use of the Battle Healer, but the elixir cost of the Golem means she can’t be cycled and spammed as often.

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Aside from this, there aren’t many decks that can employ the Battle Healer other than this one. If you’re running a deck like a Hog or Balloon or Miner Cycle/Control, you won’t get the most out of her since she doesn’t contribute much in the way of DPS, which is her primary function. Because of the large quantity of medium-health soldiers in the deck, she may be used in one Ram Rider Spam deck. In that Battle Healer deck, she’s the center of attention!

Defensive Usage

In addition, the Battle healer tenacity on the defensive side makes her a valuable asset.

A high-HP soldier such as Mini Pekka may help keep the defensive troops alive when they are paired with her.

Never, ever send her alone. She’s vulnerable and may be easily opposed.

When she is surrounded by soldiers, she is most lethal since the other troops act as a shield for her.


Best Battle Healer Deck

1. Golem Battle Healer deck

Battle Healer, Elixir Golem, Night Witch, Electro Dragon, Baby Dragon, Magic Archer, Tornado, Earthquake Spell

Due to the synergy between each character, this Golem Battle Healer deck is very powerful. Golem Elixir’s tanky nature makes it a formidable foe. The Golem also disintegrates into two smaller ones when it dies. For him, Night Witch is a great choice since it does decent damage and also summons a large number of bats. There is no defense this combination can’t break through. Baby Dragon will keep you safe from flying foes, while Electro Dragon’s chain lightning will paralyze any attackers who dare approach.

Finally, Magic Archer is there to back your whole team and, if required, take the fight to your opponents. At the start of the combat, Magic Archer needs to assess the opponent’s powers. You may utilize Tornado and Earthquake Spell to aid your squad if the opposition has a strong defense. This deck is simple to learn and very powerful.

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2. Immortal “Mirror” Battle Healer Deck

Skeletons, Minions, Lumberjack, Night witch, Battle Healer, Freeze spell, Mirror, and Lightning

Practically any Battle healer deck is Overpowered right now, but if you want to troll your opponent and have immortal soldiers on the field, then this battle healer deck is the deck for you! Even in double-elixir mode, this deck’s primary goal is to bring down as many battle healers as possible; if three of them can be brought down at once, then you’re guaranteed victory. Against air decks, you’ll have to depend significantly on pressure from the other lane to keep them from completely supporting their pushes. Wait for an excellent counter push chance to overpower your opponent in most situations.

3. Elixir Golem Battle Healer deck

Elixir Golem, battle healer, Baby Dragon, Electro Dragon, Barbarian Hut, Barbarian Barrel, Tornado, Poison

The new meta Elixir Golem deck has arrived! With the Barb Hut’s huge spell baiting ability and the addition of the new death spawn, the Barb Hut becomes even more lethal, spawning more and more barbarians behind the purple Golem. The combination in this Battle Healer deck is different from the first.

4. Ram Rider Bandit Battle Healer Deck

Bandit, battle healer, Electro Wizard, Cannon Cart, Ram Rider, Magical Archer, fireball, Barbarian Barrel

One of the finest decks in Grand Challenges is a strange-looking one! As a F2P player, this deck isn’t a good one to utilize. It has four legendaries, two epics, and two rares.

Top 200 ladder, on the other hand, has had remarkable success with it.

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When using this deck, it’s critical to maintain continual pressure. When used correctly, the Cannon Cart will deliver significant damage to your opponent’s tower.

It’s generally a smart idea to split-lane push in double-elixir since so many rapid, high-pressure soldiers will demand a reaction. The Battle Healer is a huge pain in the neck, and this deck in general is a great challenge to deal with!

5. Three musketeers Giant Battle Healer Deck 2021

Battle Healer, Giant

The goal in the early stages of the game is to obtain an edge in elixir. Determine your opponent’s deck and aim to lure out their most important counters to your musketeers. Playing aggressively in a single elixir is a bad idea since you should only create pressure via counter-pushes or by ramming the other lane if they have a huge tank behind their towers.

Elixir two-fold; with this deck, you’ll have a lot more power over your opponent. Your pump, three musketeers, or a swarm of minions may be used to lure out their powerful spell. Elixir collector should only be used in the game is going to extra time; else, you will be squandering elixir and may lose the game.